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1. "Your Data" is the information you provide us with, including your name, address, telephone number, personal descriptions and photos.

2. We collect your data when you join the service

3. We use your data to process the registration, provide you the service and to deal with any enquiries made by you or about you as well monitor the service for any suspected breach of Our service made by or otherwise relating to you.

4. We may pass your data on to our employees and agents in order to provide you the service. We may disclose your data to the police in connection with any alleged criminal offence or investigation carried out by them. We may disclose your data to Phonepay Plus the premium rate services regulator. We will also make certain elements of your data, specifically your personal description and photo, available to other members searching for you on the service.

5. We will not pass your data on to any third parties without your consent and are compliant with the Data Protection Act

6. Credit card payments – Isomob Ltd do not collect or store your card details. This is for your security and peace of mind.

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